Ever want to better organize the windows on your monitor so that you can more easily view multiple windows at once? Windows 7 and Windows 10 have a little known feature available which allows you to “pin” your windows where they will only take up part of the screen.

You simply move the Window as you normally would (by clicking/holding the top of the window) and drag it to the side of the monitor.

When you see the highlighted area where the window will be placed, you let go of the Window to pin it.

Then you will be prompted to select the window that you would like to view in the other area of the screen.

In this example, the Excel spreadsheet was selected, so now we have the browser pinned to half of the screen and the spreadsheet pinned to the other half.

In addition, you can highlight the window in question, hit the Windows key plus any of the directional arrow buttons to “pin” the Window where you want it.

Another cool way to open up some real estate is to “shake” the desktop clean except for the desired window. To do so, grab the window that want to view  and “shake” it back-and-forth to minimize all other windows.



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