Phishing attacks are rising at an alarming rate for companies across the globe. A respected cybersecurity company recently released the following statistics regarding this increase:

Email-based corporate credential phishing attacks quadrupled vs. the previous quarter.
• 99% of the most highly targeted email addresses in the quarter didn’t rank as such in the previous report, which suggests attackers are constantly shifting targets.
• In 2018, reports of credential compromise rose 70% over 2017, and they’ve soared 280% since 2016.

In addition, we are seeing an increase in the sophistication of these attacks which is leading to a higher “success rate”. This increase in effectiveness is taking its toll on businesses. A leading cybersecurity insurance company indicated that small businesses estimated their average cost for incidents in the last 12 months to be just under $35,000. Thus, when viewing emails, we must remain vigilant when:

• opening attachments,
• clicking on embedded links,
• clicking on embedded pictures, or
entering our credentials online.

Remember: When in doubt, don’t act on it. It’s simply not worth it.