All of us have the tendency to get in a hurry when doing our jobs, especially when going through the copious amounts of emails that we receive on a daily basis. Whether we are trying to catch up on the emails that accumulated over our vacation, or we are just trying to manage our normal workload, our mouse can occasionally outpace our brain.  

With this said, be sure to slow down and evaluate each email carefully before taking action. One bad click can have disastrous consequences for you and/or your company. Remember:

Never click links from unknown senders.
Carefully review the URL of to ensure that it is legitimate.
Do not open an email attachment unless you know what it is or are expecting it, even if it appears to come from someone you know.
• If you do open an attachment such as a spreadsheet or Word document, do not enable “macros” if prompted.

When in doubt, don’t act on it.  It’s simply not worth it.