Voicemail Phishing – Don’t Listen!

By now, we have all seen countless Office 365 phishing emails and are becoming much more perceptive in identifying them. Now, with the increasing usage of voicemail-to-email, the bad guys are turning to voicemail-to-email messages to garner new victims.   Email similar to the following will be sent in an effort to either direct a user to a malicious website, entice the user to open a malicious attachment, deliver a ransomware payload, or steal ...

Two-Factor Authentication – Keeping Ahead of the Bad Guys

Most of us know someone or have heard of someone who has had an online account compromised. Whether this person had a Facebook account, an email account, or even a bank account hacked, the bad guys gained access by obtaining the password through a phishing attack or other means. And when they obtained access, mayhem ensued. These account hacks are becoming more and more commonplace, but there is an option that all of us should embrace where possib...

Phishing Attacks are on the Rise!

We repeatedly focus on phishing attacks because they are increasing and their success rate is improving … big time. Primarily, we are seeing success for Microsoft Office 365 phishing attacks where the scam aims to get the user to enter their Office 365 email address and password. Once the user falls for this scam, the bad guys take control of the email account and send emails in an attempt to steal money from the company, its vendors, or its cu...

Anatomy of a Phish

We spend a lot of time talking about phishing emails and with good reason. With every passing day, phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and consequently, we have seen their success rates improve. With this said, let’s take a closer look at a few example emails which claim to be from Microsoft and target Office 365 users:     As always, remember that if you have the slightest doubt or hesitation about an email or requ

Cybersecurity Threats to Small-and-Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB)

With the burgeoning threat of ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks, companies are at greater risk than they have ever been. In 2017, ransomware attacks such as "WannaCry" and "NoPetya" dominated the news cycle for days at a time, and their devastating effects terrified business leaders the world over.  SMBs are now in the crosshairs of these cybercriminals. According to an SEC report, SMB's have become principal targets as their cyber defenses are of