When BCCK Engineering enlisted the services of NetAscendant, they were looking to modernize their network and remove the IT support burden from a valuable internal resource. Since that time, NetAscendant has transformed BCCK’s network infrastructure by successfully executing projects which:

  • consolidated/modernized their domain structure,
  • implemented a new high-performing, robust wireless network,
  • installed an advanced Cisco VoIP phone system,
  • implemented a new network in a satellite office,
  • oversaw the upgrade of the company’s internet circuit, and
  • improved the company’s overall security posture.

In addition, NetAscendant transformed the IT support function at BCCK by providing their 150+ users with an expert solution with sub-minute response times, while freeing up internal staff for more strategic work.

“Prior to working with NetAscendant, our IT infrastructure was outdated and not scalable. ” said Greg Hall, Executive Vice President, BCCK Engineering. “Since then, NetAscendant has completely revolutionized our IT environment while providing our employees with excellent support.”

BCCK and NetAscendant – Partnering for success.

BCCK Engineering, Inc. is an international natural gas engineering company specializing in nitrogen rejection, NGL recovery, CO2 removal, helium recovery, skidded LNG plants and oxygen removal. A leader in natural gas processing and treating, BCCK Engineering helps gas producers generate revenue from previously by-passed or contaminated reserves by providing efficient and optimized gas processing solutions and fitting the right technology to the right application. BCCK’s business is built on long-standing relationships with clients, contractors, vendors, governmental agencies and financial institutions. BCCK’s experienced engineering, technical support, financial and operations professionals work as a team to create solutions that maximize client successes.