When Secured Document Shredding contacted NetAscendant in 2017, they were looking for a partner who they could trust with the protection of their data and the securing of their network and computers. Having had negative experiences in the past, it was crucial to their business that they get it right this time, so they selected NetAscendant as a partner.

NetAscendant’s “Worry-Free IT Service” provided them with a best-in-class backup and disaster recovery solution, an actively-monitored best-practices approach to cybersecurity, and an expert, responsive support function to give them the peace-of-mind that they needed.

“I.T. was a challenge for us prior to employing the help of NetAscendant. Now, through our partnership with NetAscendant, we have excellent support and have the confidence that our data and systems are protected .”, said Kevin Butts, Owner, Secured Document Shredding. “In addition, we have a strategic partner who proactively helps us navigate the ever-changing changing technology landscape”.

Secured Document Shredding and NetAscendant – Partnering for Success.

To learn how NetAscendant can create a worry-free IT environment for your company, please contact us.

Secured Document Shredding, a company with deep West Texas roots founded in 1996, offers NAID-certified on-site and off-site document shredding services as well as NAID-certified hard drive destruction. Secured Document Shredding has facilities in Midland and San Angelo with a service area that is unequaled in West Texas – from the Panhandle to Presidio, from Del Rio to Eastland.  Visit their website at www.secdocshredding.com for more information.