NetAscendant’s core purpose is to create a worry-free I.T. environment for our customers in order to free them up to do what they do best. Our Worry-Free IT Service does just that. With our Worry-Free IT Service, the experts at NetAscendant will protect you from malware attacks, safe-guard your crucial data, and provide you with unrivaled support.

◊     With our Worry-Free IT Service, you will not have to hire full-time employees to take care of your I.T. or require someone in the office to wear multiple hats. The specialists at NetAscendant can be your I.T. department. Utilizing our 30+ years of experience in managing I.T. in large enterprise environments, we will provide you with unmatched expertise and support.

◊     With our Worry-Free IT Service, you will know that you are protected. When you hear about the latest global ransomware attack, you no longer need to ask yourself if you are protected. NetAscendant provides you with the fundamental protection to guard against these potentially devastating malware attacks.

◊     With our Worry-Free IT Service, you know that your data is safe-guarded. Your data is the lifeblood of your company and should be treated as such. NetAscendant will not only ensure that your data is backed up, we will perform test restores to ensure that you can get to your data should the need arise.

End-User Support Program

  • Email Service and Support
  • Endpoint Protection (Antivirus)
  • Operating System Patching
  • Data Backup Service
  • Remote Desktop Support

Server Support Program

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Service
  • Operating System Patching
  • Monthly Health Check

Value-Added Services

  • Worry-Free IT – Monthly Reporting
    • Windows Update Status Report
    • Antivirus Update Status Report
    • Backup Status Report
    • Email Status Update
    • Device Inventory
  • Monthly User Education Email

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